With the aid of our bespoke vessel database CHARTSHIP©, we provide a comprehensive ONE STOP SHOP service for the provision of offshore support vessels worldwide.

Our services in this area fall mainly into the three following categories:

Spot Charter
We are available 24 hours a day, all year round for urgent vessel requirements world-wide. For certain areas, we produce weekly spot availability lists, but can provide such lists for all other regions upon request.

Term Charter – Integrated Tendering Service
The main service we provide is our Integrated Tendering Service. In a nutshell, we undertake vessel tendering on behalf of our clients, ensuring a smooth and transparent process.

We can demonstrate a strong track record with this tried and tested method of procurement and believe the quality of our service is reflected in the client base we have built up over the years. Through our deep knowledge of the market and experience in vessel chartering, we have won a much-valued place as partner to many of our clients in the vessel procurement process.

The global market for offshore supply vessels is increasingly dynamic,with a capacity for huge fluctuations in day rates,  which presents potentially significant financial exposure for Charterers. A detailed knowledge of the market is vital in securing the best deal and avoiding potentially costly pitfalls.

We frequently assist our clients to find farm out work for their chartered boats to offset costs while the vessels are not being fully utilised.